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About Me

Miss Teo Sin is a seasoned professional in the field of Paramedical Tattooing, boasting a wealth of practical experience that spans a significant tenure in the industry. Her expertise shines particularly in the specialized domains of stretch mark revision and scar lightening, where she has honed her skills to bring about transformative results. Beyond her proficiency in the craft, Miss Teo Sin is driven by a profound passion for knowledge-sharing and aiding others in realizing their full potential.

Devoted to fostering growth within the paramedical tattooing community, Miss Teo Sin channels her enthusiasm into guiding aspiring practitioners. Her approach is marked by a commitment to comprehensive training and unwavering support, ensuring that novices in the field receive the mentorship needed to master their craft. With a keen eye for the latest trends and a deep understanding of marketing strategies, Miss Teo Sin extends her influence by imparting valuable insights into effective promotion and client engagement.

Recognizing the importance of staying abreast of evolving techniques, Miss Teo Sin's skill set extends to educating others on cutting-edge methods and advancements in the paramedical tattooing realm. Additionally, her proficiency in photo editing adds a dynamic dimension to her instructional approach, equipping her students with not only technical skills but also the ability to present their work with artistic flair.

In essence, Miss Teo Sin's career is defined by a multifaceted commitment – from her hands-on experience in paramedical tattooing to her specialized focus on stretch mark revision and scar lightening, coupled with a fervent dedication to empowering and guiding the next generation of practitioners through comprehensive training and knowledge-sharing. Her expertise encompasses not only the technical aspects of the craft but also extends to the broader domains of marketing, trends, and artistic presentation, making her a notable figure in the dynamic landscape of paramedical tattooing.


Hours: Opens 9AM⋅ Closes 6 PM

Phone: +60133413962


Province: Kuala Lumpur

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