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Presenting NUE Academy, the tech beauty school of the future. We teach you the right skills to be prepared for tomorrow.

Benjamin Hargreaves Chief Strategy Officer


Bianca Festejo Chief Executive Officer

About NUE Academy

Committed to improving lives through learning. We provide high quality, accredited, beauty therapy training courses. Our aim is simple – to provide flexible, accessible training internationally that allows our students to gain recognised qualifications in beauty.

Our Courses

A platform that reimaginea learning to provide students and teachers an all in one solution in a globally networked community.


Surgical Scars

You will gain an in-depth understanding  of the definition of scars, physiology, how to perform a patch test, practical experience and whole process.


Stretchmarks Camouflage Tattoo

You will gain a thorough expertise from various topics such as anatomy & physiology, health & safety, pigments, colors, tools and techniques.


Areola Camouflage Tattoo

You will gain an in depth knowledge of areola tattooing, covering all topics such as shape and design, safety & hygiene, techniques and aftercare procedures.


Choose Your Path

Choose how would you like to learn on NUE Academy. You can study full or part-time 
in our local programs, or remotely with our online courses.


Upgrade your career and receive high quality instruction face to face from the best  NUE Experts around the world.



Learn any course from any  Teacher closest to your location as a part time day or evening course each semester.



Explore our library of classes whenever and wherever it suits you from the world's best beauty Experts. Stream from anywhere.


NUE Academy helped me to learn the skills to advance my career.

“As a self employed nurse looking for a new service to offer, I am very cautious in where I choose to obtain training and certification.
After an incredible 3 day weekend taking this course, I feel truly empowered and confident about my decision to enroll.”

Sarah Sasseville - NUE Expert

Korrine Gilyanne Chief Operations Officer

Why Learning With us?



Manage your time better by engaging with the course and enjoy a more flexible schedule. By providing a cost effective education we allow our students for a more customized learning experience.

Top Notch Courses

We're here for all your beauty training needs.  Find the right beauty instructor for you. Choose from many topics, skill level and languages.

Global Students Community

An online community for students from all across the globe, providing a platform for learning, sharing experiences and leveraging their knowledge to create solutions.

Customer Support

We build relationships with students and have a rapid response time to service their requests in order to meet their expectations.

Grow Your Career! Start Learning With NUE Academy.

Education is an influential step in staying competitive and enhancing your skills. We can help you plan your journey with the first beauty interactive training.


Upcoming Trainings & Shows

Discover something new or build on your skills. From trainings and conferences to expos and trade shows, learn about upcoming events.

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Los Angeles Camouflage Masterclass

Intensive training gives you all the knowledge required for stretch marks, NUE Technology & Nue Clear inkless treatment.

January 30, 31 2023
9:00 AM
9940 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 301,
Beverly Hills 90210 CA
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Vancouver Camouflage Masterclass

Intensive training gives you all the knowledge required for stretch marks, NUE Technology & Nue Clear inkless treatment.

March 4,5 2023
9:00 AM
The location will be provided nearer the date