The Mission Behind NUE.

To deliver exceptional  quality of advise, care and support.
We long to improve students and clients training and wellbeing by gving them the right advice and putting them in control.


Our Story

Founded in France in 2018, NUE has become one of the world’s leading-edge  cosmetic companies.

We welcome people into the creative world by providing them with technology, colors and textures that will allow them to express their style in the best manner.  We believe that color is the core  feature for beauty and we devote ourselves  to finding the solutions to bring out the beauty in women. Focusing on foreign operations since it’s inception, NUE decided to relocate its headquarters to California in 2021. Now in Beverly Hills, we adopt change and ideas to improve our vision, products, services and processes.

The Mission & Vision

1. Make Education Accessible

Students today are fighting for accessible education. We long to  improve reach to inclusive education for everyone. By offering a better experience and including individuals of all different styles, abilities, understanding and comprehension, the entire community wins. Education should be available to all and at a lower cost.

2. Become the innovative beauty brand

We use our resources accordingly and timely, making lexible and quick decisions, and therefore  implement these decisions. We love and believe in what we do; we push our limits to find the best, and work tirelessly to ensure that every work we start will have  the best result.

3. Make Education Accessible

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Contact Us

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