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Stretch mark camouflage tattoo training

Bianca Festejo is education savvy. To stay ahead of the game, she strives to learn and innovate continuously. She has undergone throughout the years numerous trainings in permanent makeup, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and customer service.


Bianca believes that being a successful camouflage artist requires  being well-rounded and knowledgeable in all aspects of the business. This means being highly trained both with the science and the art behind this treatment. Dedicating her time trying to find ways to merge science with humanity she vowed to make the industry a leading one by helping students achieve their dreams.

How to get rid of stretch marks

As an artist and a student herself, she noticed some common problems in the Paramedical Tattoo industry. 

Artists Concerns:


  • Some are skilled but lack the knowledge on the science behind scars.

  • Some are knowledgeable but lack marketing skills.

  • Some are really good in marketing but lack skills.

  • Some are incredible tattoo artists but are not trained for camouflage, hence creating an ugly outcome.

Teachers Concerns:


  • Some are incredible artists but lack teaching skills.

  • Some are excellent in marketing but are not willing to share all their techniques. 

  • Some will teach a two-day class but provide no support right after. 

  • Most trainings are conducted only in the span of 2 days, hence it is easy for students to forget what was taught.

  • Most have a language barrier, and so the student has to be the  one to adjust to the learning.

  • Most do not offer the best tools and pigments to use. They use permanent tattoo ink which is not the best for camouflage.

In order to bridge the gap Bianca decided to create a structure where students and teachers can share their work, discuss and grow. NUE CONCEAL is today at the forefront of the industry. The publications keep on growing and the demands to appear in various media outlets such as Refinery29, MSNBC are proof that she is holding the key to an incredible success story.



permanenent makeup
permanenent makeup

Since Camouflage Tattoo is a fairly recent field, many people are still skeptical about it, it has been Bianca's mission from the very start to change people's perspectives about this treatment.

She decided to move to Europe and venture with engineers, developers and dermatologists to create NUE CONCEAL.


NUE is not only an academy, a machinery, an idea, a mission but a Vision. Seeking to provide artists a formula that would ease their work and alleviate all errors, it took Bianca years to set in  motion an ingenious piece of technology. Today, NUE is more than applied science, it's a system.

The relationship of this structure is to have a certain number of highly qualified artists all around the world working hand in hand.

Stretch mark camouflage tattoo near me
Scar camouflage tattoo near me

NUE CONCEAL's goals:


  • Implementing rigorous training that will not only teach  the Art but also the Science behind Camouflage.

  • Being the only training institution at the forefront of technology.

  • Bestowing high-quality education whilst incorporating digital marketing.

  • Benefiting from a support group where artists give feedback, suggestions, and guidance.

  • Providing marketing assistance and media write-ups.

  • Assembling a community that will help build a durable  reputation for this treatment. 


Paramedical tattooing has been in the works for a few years,  but it is only now that it is starting to be recognized; by joining our institution you can also become a pioneer, and together, we  will develop this treatment into a reputable structure.


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stretch mark camouflage tattoo


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stretch mark camouflage tattoo
stretch mark camouflage tattoo


What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks (striae) are the result of sudden or drastic stretching of the skin as a possible consequence of hormonal changes like: puberty, pregnancy, menopausal hormone therapy (MHT), bodybuilding, among others; the fast expansion of the tissue leads to the tearing of the dermis which ultimately results in the formation of scar tissue. Stretch marks have been studied over the years and we know that they develop as a repair mechanism to address the damaged tissue. Initially, stretch marks start as a reddish/purple, itchy and even sometimes painful lesion. Over time, they tend to lose pigmentation (due to the tissue inability to function properly) and they turn into hypo-pigmented lesions known as “striae alba”.

What is Camouflage?

“Camouflage” is the only scar revision protocol that provides permanent, long-lasting, visible results in as little as 2 weeks but genreally may take up to 6 weeks for some and after 1-3 sessions; no downtime and minimal to no discomfort are to be expected. NUE CONCEAL has invested time and research in developing a distinctive guide for pigment formulation that allows us to create a unique tone based on the patient’s complexion. NUE PIGMENT is loaded into a precise “electronic infusing device” called NUE MACHINE that allows the clinician to adjust settings like needle depth, speed and pigment release. The NUE PIGMENT is then deposited into the epidermis and/or dermis to successfully correct the desired lesion. Stretch marks do not pose any health risks but are an understandable daily struggle for women who have undergone the changes mentioned prior, and who are wanting to accept and celebrate their bodies.

Camouflage vs Micropigmentation

Camouflage is a procedure that has a different technique than tattoo or micropigmentation. They are different, micropigmentation is not permanent as the pigment only lodges in the first layer of the skin where cell renews, subsequently, the results are erased in a shorter time period Furthermore, the pigments used for micropigmentation are not effective or appropriate for stretch marks camouflage as they mark the skin and do not look natural.

Does the sun affect Camouflage?

Going back to the theory, the stretch is like a scar, it does not contain blood flow, therefore it is not affected to ultraviolet rays. A person with sunbathing stretch marks tans the skin but does not tan the stretch marks, so the color does not change and stays the same, although in some cases if you tan a lot you may notice your stretch marks again. It is important to respect a certain rest time away from the sun after the treatment.

Are there any risks?

While being safe and cautious, we can not rule out the possibility of some risks. The technique of camouflage can cause small traumas with the skin which can lead in more time in regards of cicatrisation. In addition, allergic reactions to the color component used in the procedure may also occur. The choice of a good professional is fundamental, because an improper procedure can cause you to have to resort to extreme methods, which are painful and expensive.

How many sessions are required?

Stretch marks can be achieved with one session only, although in many cases it may need a second and/or third. The tattoo may last up to 7 years on some skin types provided that the correct after-care procedures are maintained.

Permanent vs Semi Permanent Camouflage

99% of all Camouflage Artists prefer to use the Permanent technique. That latter houses pigments in the second layer of the skin also called the dermis where there is no cell renewal so the pigments are not expunged as easily. By using this technique the camouflage tends to last longer HOWEVER going deeper holds risks. The skin color changes over time (roughly every 10 years) as we get older we produce less melanin, a hazard may occur towards the end of the permanent tattoo life span (5-7 years). Subsequently, the pigment formerly inserted in the skin may not have the same appearance as the skin tone color. On the other hand, the Non Permanent technique may only last up to 3 years. This technique is the safest but also the least effective of the two. It must be noted, the Non Permanent technique gives the Artist more leverage for correction in case of a mistake as the needle only penetrates the first layer of the skin also called the epidermis. In addition, if the client has enjoyed your first tattoo she/he will return sooner and that may maximize your earnings. Lastly, both techniques are good. Either can be used, ultimately communication to the client matters the more options the better.


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