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About Me

Introducing Jenny, the accomplished founder of Cover Up by Jenny and a distinguished Paramedical Tattoo artist with an impressive three years of experience. Based in San Diego, she seamlessly divides her time between the United States and France, serving as a prominent trainer in both locations, enriching the global community with her extensive knowledge in the art of Paramedical Tattooing. Jenny's professional journey is marked by academic excellence, holding degrees in economics and business management. Prior to her immersion in the world of paramedical tattooing, she garnered seven years of experience in finance and served as the CFO of a multimillion-dollar company for a decade.

Beyond her artistic prowess, Jenny emerges as a business and financial consultant, having successfully tripled revenues for small enterprises. Recognizing the pivotal role digital marketing plays in contemporary business, she shares her insights through a comprehensive marketing course designed for entrepreneurs. Her expertise extends beyond the business realm, with Jenny actively engaging in various non-profit organizations, exemplifying her dedication to creating a positive impact.

As a devoted mother of four, Jenny's personal journey into paramedical tattooing began with embracing the transformative changes of motherhood. With an empathetic approach, she has created a safe space for over 300 clients grappling with physical insecurities, delivering remarkable results in complex cases. Jenny's relentless pursuit of knowledge involves collaborations with industry experts to ensure top-notch client care.

Currently, Jenny dedicates her time to empowering students at Nue Conceal, offering ongoing mentorship and sharing insights from diverse backgrounds. Her commitment to guiding others towards success is evident, making her a respected figure in the field. Join Jenny's journey of empowerment, delve into the realm of paramedical tattooing, and unlock the doors to entrepreneurial excellence guided by a dedicated professional devoted to the success of others. By embracing her wealth of knowledge, your success story could very well be the next one celebrated under Jenny's expert guidance.

Address: 4240 Kearny Mesa Rd #8, San Diego, CA 92111, United States

Hours: Opens 8.30AM⋅ Closes 3.30 PM

Phone: +18583616104


Province: San Diego

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