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Meagan Chapman, a distinguished entrepreneur and recognized personality from her compelling appearance on ABC's Shark Tank, has charted an extraordinary course in her professional journey. The trailblazing path she forged began with the establishment of one of the world's pioneering pole and aerial fitness dance studios situated in Ogden, Utah. Three years ago, navigating the challenges of a recent divorce, Meagan embarked on a quest to discover a new passion that would empower women. This quest led her to the captivating realm of camouflage tattooing, where she found her artistic calling. Under the expert mentorship of Shanelle Lopez at the esteemed Beauty Plug in San Diego, Meagan not only honed her skills but also earned multiple certifications, solidifying her status as a skilled and accomplished camouflaged tattoo artist.

Meagan's journey took an intriguing turn as she transitioned into a role as a trainer for Nue Conceal, a prominent name in the field. Leveraging her extensive expertise, Meagan now offers monthly classes in her native Utah, imparting her knowledge and passion for camouflaged tattoo artistry to aspiring enthusiasts. Her sessions have become a celebration of creativity, blending elements of fun, innovation, and hands-on experience. As a result, Meagan Chapman has emerged as a highly sought-after figure in the flourishing world of camouflaged tattoo artistry, leaving an indelible mark through her unique and empowering approach to the craft.

Address: 815 W Riverdale Rd, Riverdale, UT 84405, United States

Hours: Opens 9AM⋅ Closes 5PM

Phone: +18015645813

Email: meagan@utahstretchmarklab.com

Province: Utah

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