How to Remove a Scar?

Dry tattooing makes use of MCA techniques and Digital Skin Needling, one can use a digital tattoo machine to work directly on damaged skin, scars as well as stretch marks. Dry tattooing can firm stretch marks by making the skin tighter. It will also bring new life to damaged tissue and with some sunlight will allow natural pigmentation to come back. Scars are smoothened and their pigmentation returns over time.

Damaged skin from cuts, burns or punctures forms scar tissue which is thicker than normal skin, more distinct and turns white once healed. Camouflage coloration involves re-pigmenting the scar tissue with a natural colour similar so as to blend with the rest of the body. The process can involve micro-pigmentation which divides the scar tissue and colours r to have a better match for an individual’s natural skin tone.

It is common for people to undergo a phenomenon in their life that leads to an alteration in a feature of their appearance. Some individuals could have a medical condition or the outcome of a medical condition that changes their appearance and they possess a need to chance this aesthetically. Medical tattooing, an innovative kind of cosmetic tattooing, is a choice that may promote a desired alteration or restoration of one’s look. Medical tattooing offers a large pool of

We understand the importance of the appearance of our skin, and the confidence of always looking our best. That’s why we offer medical tattooing treatments including the camouflage Stretch Marks, Scars, and Vitiligo, as well as 3D Areola tattoos for client’s who have undergone a mastectomy and breast reconstruction.