How is Camouflage Tattoo done

This is an incredibly common complaint yet there is no treatment or procedure available to address stretch marks until now. Stretch marks are indented streaks that often appear on the abdomen, breasts, hips, buttocks and thighs, and are particularly common in pregnant women because of the rapid skin stretching. The Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage by NUE CONCEAL – or repigmentation – will effectively reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Stretch Mark Removal we are the best in the field.

Camouflage Tattooing by NUE CONCEAL is a method in which inorganic pigments are custom blended to match the skin-tone or corrective pigment and tattooed into the skin. The purpose is to disguise a scar, stretch mark striation or skin area that is missing pigment or color. It is a specialized area of permanent cosmetics that falls under the category of Paramedical Tattooing. This process is also called Corrective Pigment Camouflage (CPC), Corrective Camouflage, Skin Re-pigmentation, Scar Camouflage, Skin Camouflage, Camouflage Tattooing, Stretch mark removal, and Skin Color Tattooing. The science behind pigments and the physiology of human skin and tissue must be understood by the specialist performing these procedures. These procedures require advanced knowledge, training, skills, and experience in permanent cosmetics, color theory, as well as an artistic eye for color and skin tones.

Tiny dots of coloured pigment are deposited into the skin using a gentle cosmetic tattooing pen. This digital pen holds a safe cartridge with a tiny hair-fine needle which moves up and down, implanting pigment into the skin.

The pigment is gradually built up, creating a natural and realistic effect using artistic use of colour, shadows and highlights.

During scar camouflage treatments, tiny natural detail, such as freckles and skin texture can also be recreated. Depending on the sensitivity of your scar tissue, you will be offered a topical anaesthetic cream to numb the area. This will be applied at least 30 minutes before the procedure is carried out. NUE CONCEAL IS THE SOLUTION FOR STRETCH MARKS

For some, scars, stretch marks and even vitiligo can be great conversation or storytelling starters, but for others these marks are felt as unsightly and sometimes even embarrassing. In many cases they can be life changing or have resulted from life changing effects. They can be difficult to manage and may distract us from our lives depending on the history and the story behind these changes to our body. This is why so many wonder about how to get rid of or conceal their scars, stretch marks or even vitiligo. We are constantly torn between having so many treatment options and the option that we should do nothing at all, but to embrace our true selves.

Scar camouflage and stretch mark removal by NUE CONCEAL is similar to scar relaxation except that we add pigments matched to your particular skin to make the scar color blend with the surrounding skin. We also use specialized techniques to further mask the scar’s appearance.  For example, normal skin viewed very closely is not all one uniform color, so we use pointillism to create the appearance of a more natural mix of tones naturally occurring in the skin.