Is Its Possible To Get A Stretch Mark Tattoo?

Getting a stretch mark or scar cover up tattoo is possible but it will depend on some different factors. There can be a number of reasons why someone wants a tattoo over stretch marks or a scar. Sometimes, it can be because they want them concealed but other times it’s a part of the body where the person has always wanted to get a tattoo and they want the ink regardless of scars or stretch marks.


Depending on the severity and size of the stretch marks or scars, you may require sufficient blocks of depth, texture, and color within the tattoo, in order to sufficiently mask the marks under the ink. Your tattoo artist should work with the stretch marks and not against them. He or she can do this by deploying different tactics that will blend the marks into the ink and help them disappear as much as possible.


Due to the variation between every unique individual’s set of stretch marks or scars, there will be some factors for your artist to consider before he or she comes to a conclusion on how best to tackle the job. The stretch marks or scar should be fully healed. If the marks are still new and pronounced then they can be harder to work with. The newer stretch marks and scars will also be more sensitive when getting a tattoo. It can be harder to get a stretch mark tattoo when the marks are raised. It’s best to let them have a chance to settle down. If the scar or stretch marks are red or purple it can also be harder to get a scar cover up tattoo. If you wait for the colors to fade a little then the artist can have a better time blending them into the tattoo.


Generally, damaged skin is more painful and sensitive when compared to healthy and normal skin when it comes to tattooing. However, this doesn’t mean that your stretch mark tattoo will be unbearable as well.